Successful Career Change.

I am sorry, I did not have many people in my life so far, who have helped me the most to become who I am. I guess I am a self-made person. However, I remember just now, one particular sample when I was living and working in London, England, U.K.:

Back in the year 1999, I think it is an obvious thing to say that, at that time I was younger than I am now but not wiser, I was working for a major London Hotel Luxury Chain at the Accounts Department in charge of Revenue Audit as well as working, under my own initiative, on several ground-breaking projects for the company (I guess I did have to balance out both, the boring daily routine of my fulltime job at the Accounts Department in charge of Revenue Audit, with the excitement of working on New Projects based on my new and fresh ideas for the company).

Anyway, one day I received a letter directly from the Chairman´s Office awarding me with the Chairman´s Award to the Best Employee of the Year (Amongst 1.200 employees). It was a very unexpected Award but very rewarding both, personally and professionally. Later that week, an arrangement was made for me to meet the Chairman in person at his office in the Head Office. When I finally meet the Founder and Chairman of the private owned company that I worked for, the first thing he said to me was: “You are a Pathfinder”. At that time, I did not realise what he meant… Until recently. The Chairman was right, I am a Pathfinder. In fact, I have always been, I am, and I always will be.

Miguel Angel Mudoy


It is never too late to embark on a new course to live a new story or to build a new dream.

photo_2017-10-14_15-49-56 - copia

Year 2017 – Successful Career Change: From an Award Winning High Technology Entrepreneur to an Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Student.

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