“Welcome to Harnham’s annual European Data and Analytics salary guide for 2017-2018, the definitive source of salary information for the EU Data & Analytics market.

Now in its 3rd year, we are digging deeper into salary trends, the most in demand skills and hiring challenges, as well as some of the key push and pull factors candidates consider when deciding whether to move positions.

The survey has shown us some very interesting findings. The most common trend across all our territories is that, whilst the demand for skilled analysts continues to grow, the duties they are asked to fulfil are also changing.

No longer can an analyst focus on one specific area. They must have both broader technical and commercial understandings to represent true business value.

Big data engineers are fast becoming the most in demand resource in the market and, as companies are making the transition to Cloud based services, candidates must demonstrate expertise in either AWS, Azure or GCS. Any experience working with big data tools such as Spark or Hadoop adds an extra 20 – 24% on to their salary demands.

The data science landscape has changed dramatically over the past 12 months. Industry 4.0 has seen a marked increase in the number of larger and more traditional companies making their first data science hires to optimise their manufacturing and logistics processes.

We have seen a marked rise in firms launching teams with expertise in deep learning, image recognition, human behaviour analytics and driverless cars. Data scientists with expertise in online and advertising are still very much in demand, but we have seen them become more closely aligned to marketing analytics.

41% of analysts surveyed said their teams had grown in the past 12 months. Of those who responded, 25% confirmed their salary not being competitive would motivate them to leave their role. This means we have also seen a marked increase in salaries on offer across all verticals.

With just over 65% of respondents saying they are either looking for new roles, or open to new positions in 2018, we expect to see yet another busy year in the European analytics market.”

– Alex Hutchings: Alex is the Director of Harnham’s European practice https://www.harnham.com and has worked in the industry for 14 years. Managing specialist teams who service a dynamic customer base across Europe, Alex is responsible for expanding Harnham’s footprint and delivering service excellence.  

Please feel free to download the definitive source of salary information for the EU Data & Analytics market: (PDF) EU Harnham Salary Guide 2017-2018

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