MergeSortAlgorithmIt is worth commenting on the etymological origin of the word algorithm, for its connection with the origins of modern mathematics. The word comes of the name Al-Khwarizmi, Persian mathematician who lived between the years 750-850. Strictly means ‘native of Khwarez’, present Uzbekistan. His most recognized book is Algebra, which gives its name to this discipline.

But nevertheless, the term algorithm transcends in history thanks to another of his works translated into Latin as Algoritmi de numero Indorum, which means’ Algoritmi tells us about the numbers of India. ‘ Those numbers that aroused curiosity of the author are our current decimal system.

During medieval times, algorithm meant ‘decimal system’, nothing that see with the modern concept…

“Set of well-defined, ordered and finite instructions that allow to perform an activity through successive steps “. – Thomas Cormen (2009). Introduction to algorithms. The MIT Press.

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