In Science and Technology:

The success of internet search engines comes from its brilliant mathematical algorithm.

Cryptography for secure communications is based on number theory.

Medical imaging devices such as computed tomography (CT-scan) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners collect numerical data and a mathematical algorithm builds an image from them.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the world: for example, artificial vision, machine translation, autonomous vehicles, etc.

Decoding the human genome is a triumph of mathematics, statistics and computer science.

Mathematics was used to create the first image of a black hole.

In the Organization of Civilization:

Mathematics is used to optimize transport and communications networks.

Mathematics helps to understand and control the spread of epidemics.

Statistics and optimization are used in the planning and efficient management of public health, economy, and society systems.

Mathematics helps design electoral systems that best represent the popular will.

In the UN Sustainable Development Objectives:

Mathematics is a tool for development. Quoting Nelson Mandela (June 1990), “Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.” And mathematics is an essential part of education, which is necessary to have better jobs.

Mathematics is used to model global changes and their consequences on biodiversity.

Optimization techniques and data analysis are necessary in the transition to a sustainable use of natural resources.

Artificial intelligence is used to extract data from satellite images and draw maps of urban, industrial, agricultural and forestry areas where data is not found by traditional methods.

Mathematics education offers girls and women a better future.

The scientific and mathematical culture helps each citizen to better understand the challenges that surround him.

In Everything We Do:

Mathematics inspires artists and musicians: perspective, symmetry, mosaics, fractals, curves, surfaces and geometric shapes; patterns, scales and sounds in music.

Mathematics is useful in strategy games, from backgammon or chess to solving a Rubik’s cube or playing Awale.

Mathematics is useful for preparing budgets.

Virtually everyone uses some mathematical concepts: the builder, the farmer, the merchant, the craftsman, the athlete …

In any Area or Activity:

Mathematics is behind geolocation techniques, from navigation with the stars to GPS.

Mathematics is behind the software of our phones.

Mathematics makes the pension system sustainable.

Mathematics makes realistic animated films.

Will we visit Mars someday? Without math it will never be possible.

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