European Data and Analytics Diversity Report.

Harnham D Report

Welcome to Harnham’s first Europe-wide Diversity Report.

The gender divide and pay gap, whilst still important talking points, no longer dominate the conversation. What is dominating the conversation today is intersectionality, the way different forms of discrimination and bias can overlap one another. Fortunately, businesses appear to be responding well with 87% of global enterprises listing diversity and inclusion as an organisational priority, according to recent research from PwC.

To reflect this changing conversation and our commitment to improving the diversity of the Data & Analytics landscape, Harnham expanded the remit of our 2019 Salary Survey to include a number of questions around the subject.

The results of this survey, completed by over 3,000 respondents globally and highlighted in this report, show an industry that is slowly, but surely, evolving into a more diverse workforce.

We hope you find these insights interesting and informative.

(PDF) Harnham Diversity Report 2020 EU

Harnham Research.

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